Media One Graphics of Fayetteville has the navigation bar fully functional and all the page graphics are done. Now its time to set in some pictures and populate the portfolio and graphics pages with examples.

In case you are wondering. A site like this would cost about $1200 (flexible) due to the amount of custom graphics, the extensive portfolio, forms, and JQuery portfolios, and dynamic tabs yet too be built .



We now have the interior page layout done - The content comes now. You can click on the Support link above and see it. We have a working form on that page if you want to submit and comments or need a website designed bvy Media One Graphics



Started Production on our new site



Launched DJ Madness website. Site uses XHTML, PHP and Flash. The site is very simple and includes a streaming music player, contact form, and google analytics











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In Business since 1999, at Media One Graphics of Fayetteville, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest level of customer support, creativity, and professionalism for a web design company. We are commited to our customers and their businesses. Why choose Media One Graphics? There are a number of reasons. We make great strives to understand our customers and deliver websites that portray their businesses accurately on the web. We also create websites that adhere to standards set forth by the World Wide Web Consortium and are optimized to give higher search rankings within short period.
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These days everyone is in the web design business....but, designing websites is like playing horseshoes. Everyone can play but only the professionals get high scores game after game. We dont't guess, we know, and this has been proven year after year since 1999. Another reason is that we provide outstanding results at about half the rate other design firms in the Fayetteville and surrounding areas do, exceeding their results through continued monitoring and adjustments we can always get your site in the top five google results based on the search criteria you provide.



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